Flower Seed Favors, Unique Wedding Favors & Special Events

Flower seeds make unique wedding favors and are a wonderful way to thank your guests for sharing your special day. Flowers have a way of reaching people like nothing else. They represent a bit of hope and remembrance for everyone.

Wedding favor seeds 1 pound packageQuantities:
My general rule of thumb for wedding favors is that  a pound of seed will make between 150-200 teaspoons of seed  which is enough seed to add a fair amount of color to a garden or in the case of smaller seeds like Poppies or Shasta Daisies will go quite a ways in terms of plant yield. It is more than you typically get in the packets in the stores. Your packaging will also make a difference. If you have clear cellophane you may want to put a heaping teaspoon whereas in a non see- through package you can probably do with less and still be giving enough seed to have an impact. Annuals bloom only one year but some will reseed themselves (creating new plants the following year) others will not. Perennials come back every year, but will typically not bloom the first year.

Common flowers used for unique weddings favors: Chinese Forget Me Not, Love In A Mist, Sweet Peas, Shasta Daisies, or Corn Poppies.  Most seeds will keep at least 6 months  before they start to loose their germ so people do have some time before the seeds need to be planted. Typically, seed needs to be in teh ground by mid May to early June at the latest. Otherwise, wait until fall.

Flower Meanings:
This is list of flowers and their meanings.

Types of packaging used for wedding favors: Custom made envelopes with date and names, poem etc… cellophane wrap with a tied ribbon on top, small terra cotta pots, coin envelopes with a self made computer sticker on the front, tulle sachets (not good for small seeds unless you use cellophane inside), fabric bags that match your colors, etc.. etc.. etc..

"I will be putting my flower seed in plastic 35mm film canisters, then wrapping those in tissue paper to make a flower. I borrowed the idea from Martha Stewart -
...my wedding favors are going to cost about $0.25 cents per person! ..... here's the breakdown: film canisters were free, the seeds will cost about .20 cents per canister, the tissue paper will be about .05 cents per canister and that's it. Great idea for a bride on a budget! "
Pat R.

"My wedding favors will match my theme of a garden wedding with an emphasis on watering cans..... We are putting the seeds in glassine envelopes, we are using www.myownlabels.com/boutique.htm and then select blissweddings. We are then putting labels on the envelopes from www.myownlabels.com and putting them in watering cans .... (small metal ones for cheaper in bulk online) and then putting thank you tags on the handles that we are making ourselves. Thanks for the great seed prices!"
Karyn W.

Favor envelopes

Small Tin Watering Cans

I do not have packaging available. I like to hear what different types of packaging people make, so if you have something unusual let me know and I will add it to my list!