Why Buy Flower Seeds?

Buying flower seed can be one of the most rewarding projects you can do in your garden. Typically if you have good garden soil, irrigation, sun and a little elbow grease (or cheap therapy in most cases) you have all the ingredients for a successful flower bed. The rewards are huge.  There is little that compares to the simple pleasure of flowers, be it to look at or as a source of cut flowers for your homes. Zinnias, Cosmos, Baby’s breath, Hollyhock to name just a few are an excellent choice for cut flowers.

One of the other obvious advantages is the relatively low cost of seeds. If you figure you spend up to several dollars per plant for bedding plants compare that with the number of seeds you can purchase for the same dollars. The difference is significant, in addition to the fact that you can have a much greater variety without spending a lot of money.

Another great application for flower seeds is covering large areas. Bedding plants or nursery stock is just not feasible. A meadow planting of scattered seed over large areas is an ideal application for flower seeds. Cosmos, Shasta Daisies, Red Corn Poppies, Lupin Coreopsis, Sunflowers and Bachelor Buttons all turn a bland field or open space into an explosion of color and will attract birds and butterflies. Many of these flowers will compete with grasses for a number of years as they reseed themselves and of course perennials keep coming back year after year.  It is then easy just to add a few more annuals from time to time to replenish the area. Steep banks, along roadways and other difficult to reach ground can also be planted with California Poppies, Tall Nasturtium , Coneflowers or other hardy flowers that will help retain the soil and require very little irrigation or care. Such a deal!

Wedding favors? Flower seed may be the answer. Make your own packaging and buy the seed in bulk, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional favors. What better gift than the gift of growth and blooming flowers? We have been featured in the 2010 Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine as a source of flower seeds for wedding favors.

Please let me know if I can help you further. Cheers!
Andrea—Flower Art & Soul