Flower Art & Soul bulk flower seeds, wholesale flower seeds, wildflower seeds, bulk flower seed

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Flower Art & Soul bulk flower seeds, wholesale flower seeds, wildflower seeds, bulk flower seed

Flower Seeds ~ Bulk Wildflower Seed from Flower Art and Soul

We offer bulk flower seeds, wildflower seeds and mixes at wholesale prices.

Why buy flower seeds?

Gardens have endured through time because of their ability to touch the onlooker in a very direct and pure way. Like a canvas, the garden can communicate in a way that words cannot. Flowers and plants are indeed an unusual language we can all understand.

Flower Art & Soul offers the tools to create a unique and individual style and space that can reach out to others or simply reflect upon yourself.

Make sure to check out our flower seed favors.

What We Offer

We have many bulk flower seeds for you to choose from

Bulk Flower Seeds / Affordable Flower Seeds Bulk Flower Seeds / Affordable Flower Seeds

Affordable flower seeds, wildflower seeds and flower seed mixes in bulk at wholesale prices. Order from 2 oz. to several pounds

Honeybee Attracting SeedsHoneybee Attracting Seeds

Give honeybees a helping hand. Special pricing. Annual/Perennial mix designed to attract honeybees all summer long. Order Honeybee Wildflower Mix

Flower Seeds for Wedding Favors Flower Seeds for Wedding Favors

Personalize your wedding favors to give your guests a living reminder of your special day.

Seeds for Early Blooms Seeds for Early Blooms

Flower seeds for early blooms
from Flower Art & Soul Available Here

Flower Art and Soul - wholesale flower seeds

After working in the flower seed industry for a few years it became apparent to me that when consumers buy small quantities of seed most of what they pay for is packaging, and for a lot of gardeners a pinch of seed is not enough.

Larger quantities and minimal packaging is what we at Flower Art and Soul offer. The best possible bulk flower seed at wholesale prices. Packaging has been kept at a minimum. Flower seed, pure and simple.

Bulk wildflower seeds also make wonderful gifts and thoughtful wedding favors. Whether you make your own envelopes, buy a small container or have packets made you can make a statement of hope and growth with wedding favors that include your favorite flower seeds. Be it Love in a Mist, Shasta Daisies, or our Special Wedding mix, all are easy to plant and easy to grow. Flower seeds will give your guests a long term reminder of your special occasion.

Flower Seeds | Bulk Flower Seeds | Bulk Seeds

Many perennials can be planted in the fall in the more temperate zones as mother nature does. Some may not bloom the first year. Number 1 rule: PATIENCE !!!!!

Prices are in US Dollars and do not include freight. Flower seeds are shipped US Mail. We try to ship within 3 days of receiving your order but please allow 5-10 days. Faster delivery available, please contact us. Prices subject to change.