Seed for wedding favors

Thought I would post this picture again. Flower seeds for wedding favors. Pictured is the fall planting mix but the spring mix looks the same in terms of volume. Make your own packaging and use your imagination from coin envelopes to cellophane rounds wrapped in tulle, tied with a bow to match your colors. 1lb of seed makes between 150-200 teaspoon depending on how much you want in each favor. That is probably 200-500 seeds. Lots more than is in the store bought packets. The seeds are a mix of annuals and perennials that will grow in virtually any zone. Some annuals will re-seed and the perennials while not blooming the first year after the second year will come back for many more. The perfect way to remember your special day!

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Flower Art & Soul: Bulk wildflower and herb seeds. Wholesale prices and great seed.
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