Early spring blooms from seed

It’s that time of year when we need to start thinking about what and when to plant seeds. Here is a list of spring blooming annuals with germination times. Most of these seeds need to be in the ground as soon as possible after last freeze:
Alyssum- 2-3 weeks All annual clover 1-3
Baby Blue eyes 1-4 weeks 5 Spot 3-4
Baby’s Breath 1-3 Chinese forget me nots 1-3
Birds Eye 3-4 Globe Gilia 2-3
Bachelor Button 1-3 Annual Lupin 3-4
Bishops Flower 1-4 Phlox 2-3
Clarkia 2-3 All Poppies 2-4
Sweet Peas 2-3

All of these will give you the first “Ah it’s spring” color and are easy to grow. There are many early perennials but of course they seldom bloom the first year. A post for later. Is it spring yet?

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